The Christian School in Antioch

Svetoslav Ribolov, Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Sofia University "Sv. Kliment Ohridski"

 9 March 2021 г., 6 PM


        Meeting ID  93415907103


The Christian school of Antioch appeared in the 3rd century after two centuries of Church history in the city of Antioch. The earliest representatives of this catechetic school were Lucian, Dorotheus and Malchion (3rd c.). They were prominent Biblical scholars. The most important teachers of the Antiochian Church of the 4th and the early 5th century were Diodorus, Theodore and John Chrysostom. Their theological legacy split into the Orthodox and Nestorian traditions in the following centuries. The school flourished in the late 4th and 5th century with thinkers as John of Antioch and Theodoret. They were very important theologians for the Council of Chalcedon (451). Nevertheless, the school found itself in decline in the late 5th century.

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