Forthcoming articles

  • Christianization of the City Topography in Late Antique Thrace. Some Theoretical Approaches.
  • Contra Arianos in Late Antique Thrace
  • Christian Basilica in Dzhendem Tepe
  • Some Problems of the Christianization of the Topography of Philippopolis, Thrace, Till the Middle of the 5th Century
  • The Christian Basilica Located Near the Modern Church "St. Petka
  • Auxentius, Bishop of Durostorum
  • Maximianus, Bishop of Durostorum
  • Ursacius, Bishop of Sirmium
  • Church Councils, general presentation
  • Counci of Serdica
  • Council of Philippopolis
  • Councils of Sirmium
  • Emperors from the Balkans in the 3rd Century
  • Maximinus the Thracian
  • Protectores
  • Duces Ripae
  • Goths in the Third Century
  • Goths and Dacians
  • Goths in the Roman Army in the 3rd Century
  • Transdanubians South of Danube
  • Philippus policy on the Balkans


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