Latin: dioecēsis

Greek: Διοίκησις [dioecēsis]

Modern: диоцез, dioecesis,  diocèse, diócesis 


In Late Antiquity Dioceses is administrative term related to the territorial division of the empire. After the reform of Diocletian (293) the Roman empire is divided in 4 praetorian prefectures composed of 12 dioceses, 14 till the end of the 4th century. Every dioces is governed by vicarius, subordinate to the praetorian prefect. Dioceses are composed with smaller territorial units – provinces.


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Praetorian Prefecture of the Orient

Latin: praefectura praetorio Orientis

Greek: ἐπαρχότης/ὑπαρχία τῶν πραιτωρίων τῆς ἀνατολῆς


One of the four praetorian prefectures established after the death of Conastantine I with main city Constantinople.

Dioceses: Thrace, Asia, Pontus, of the East, Egypt

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latin: praefectura praetorio

greek: ἐπαρχότης τῶν πραιτωρίων or ὑπαρχία τῶν πραιτωρίων


Prefercture (praetorian prefercture) originated in the reign of Constantine I and his administrative reforms. Survived until the 7th century (reign of emperor Iraclius).

Praetorian Prefecture of the Orient

Praetorian Prefecture of Illyricum

Praetorian Prefecture of Gaul

Praetorian Prefecture of Italy


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