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         Silistra Regional Museum of History, Department of Archaeology

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The Fortification System of Late Antique  Durostorum

At the end of 3rd – beginning of 4th century the roman government took special care to strengthen Durostorum. Two construction projects were realized, which were the result of the large-scale program undertaken by emperor Diocletian to strengthen the border line of the Empire. The first of them is the castle built on the bank of the Danube and the second is connected with the canabae, around which a new fortress wall was built. Probably during this period reconstructions were undertaken at the legionary camp as well. In this way a solid fortification system of three separate points is created. Despite the lack of direct data, it is assumed that Durostorum was captured during the Hun’s attacks in the 40s of the 5th century, and the fortifications of the castle and the canabae were destroyed. New construction was registered during the reign of emperor Justinian I, when a new fortification was built on the bank of the Danube, the boundaries of which in some areas coincide with the old castle. At this stage, there is no evidence the fortress wall around the civilian neighborhood has been restored. During this period, the fortification of the camp was maintained, as can be seen from the undertaken repair works in the southern surveyed areas.


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